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Wed 30 Nov 11

Weaving – Huck Test after washing

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Different view:


Observations: unmercerized cotton, much softer after hot wash and dryer, and huck motifs clearer.  15 epi is probably a bi crude for lace, though.

Spinning – Llama Alpaca Romney Mix

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Purchased as roving:


Compared to Opal and the entrelac scarf, in which both were included:


Observations: Lydia the Alpaca added a lot of warmth to the browns in the scarf.  Don’t find spinning of roving as satisfying as spinning my own prep.

Mon 28 Nov 11

Completed Entrelac Scarf

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With Triangle Point on one end:


Close-Up of Point:


Close-up of texture:


Observations:  Need to design ahead of time where to cast off.

Huck test – off loom

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When no longer under tension:



Test of Huck Lace Structure – On Loom

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Plain weave borders; point threading of 5-thread blocks on sides; straight threading in center.

Spinning – Opal Border Leicester/Romney Cross

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Wed 23 Nov 11

Fibre Prep – Frenchi

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Washed the fleece of an Icelandic lamb named Frenchi, ancient breed, very odd fleece, looking forward to working with it to see how it behaves:



Fri 18 Nov 11

Spinning – Willow and Bonnie

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Taken off the bobbins:


Into a half-pound hank:


Close-up of mohair shininess:


Observations: Not sure my drum carder has the right number of teeth in the cloth, as much of the mohair ends up on the licker-in drum if not covered by a thin layer of wool when entering the teeth.  In the future may need to consider a finer cloth on the drum.

Wed 16 Nov 11

Mohair-Wool Mix Batts

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Observations: To properly mix the Willow the mohair goat with Bonnie, the Romney/Border Lesicester crosssheep, required 3 passes through the drum carder.  After less-than-satisfying spinning, mixed/split the batts and recarded again – success.  Approx. 40% mohair/60%long staple wool.

Mon 14 Nov 11

Drawing – Yak

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Ordered yak fur to spin, so yaks were on my mind:


Observation: a drawing exercise recommended turning something you were working on 180 degrees, wherein I discovered my darks were inadequate.

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