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Sat 08 Jun 13

Our Nest

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Max and Toula in bed

Max and Toula in bed


Christmas Tree on our front porch

Front Porch Christmas Tree


Dredle garlands on our front porch at Christmas Time 🙂

Front porch dredle garland


Star of David garlands on our front porch Christmas Tree 🙂

Front Porch Tree Garland


Hotspur loves to hang out on Toula’s crate

Hotspur in Toula Crate


House front view with rhody bushes (trees?) in full bloom

House with Rhody bushes in bloom


Our housemate with the dogs and my three cats

Kae and the animals


Hotspur and Max reenacte the Sistine Chapel

Max and Hotspur


Painting the Loom Room a happy yellow

Painting the Loom Room Happy Yellow


Rhody bushes in bloom

Rhodedendron bushes front lawn


Violets in the back yard

Violets in back yard


Flowers by the shed


Shed Flowers 1 Shed Flowers 2

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