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Mon 08 Apr 13

New Blending Hackle

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Spruce Purple Thin1 Blending Hackle First Project 7 Blending Hackle First Project 6 Blending Hackle First Project 4 Blending Hackle First Project 3 Blending Hackle First Project 2 Blending Hackle First Project 1 English 4-Pitch Combs and Blending Hackle

Sun 04 Mar 12

Bart – Silver Fleece, Picked Twice and Carded Twice

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Thu 15 Dec 11

Mordant – BFL

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Mordanting a pound of BFL with alum and cream of tartar in preparation for dying:


Sun 11 Dec 11

About half a BFL lamb – picked, carded, and ready to spin

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This will be used for the dying experiments:


Thu 08 Dec 11

Learnng About Merino

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Brown merino fleece after washing:


Blending merino and Opal (Border leiscester/Romney Mix) in the picker prior to carding:


Compare this to Opal alone out of the picker:


Left is pure Opal, middle is a sage purchased roving, right is 50/50 merino/Opal


Three balls of yarn prior to making hanks:  Pure Opal, 50/50 Opal/brown merino, and pure merino, left to right:


Wed 23 Nov 11

Fibre Prep – Frenchi

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Washed the fleece of an Icelandic lamb named Frenchi, ancient breed, very odd fleece, looking forward to working with it to see how it behaves:



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