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Sat 11 Feb 12

Entrelac Hat After Felting

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Sat 12 Nov 11

Felting – Needle Felt On Sweater

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First try at needle felting.  Tried on a ratty old sweater kept for painting/studio.  Pics in order: Before, After, Close-Up to show dimensionality.




Close-Up to show dimensionality:


Observations: Fabric failed to felt, apparently has less wool content than I thought; sweater is 80% dead dinosaur/20% angora, but that is apparently enough, and the embellishments penetrated well; non-wool items can be felted down with an overlay of felt (orange yarn over grey fabric).

Felting – Glass Case

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First try at wet felting.  Felted over existing plastic eyeglass case.  Used wool drum carder waste, wool handspun, and commercial wool yarn.  Clear case is an additional case – before felting.



Observations: Prefer to wear rubber gloves; fibre must be separated if reached for wet (cannot go back in the bag); need to spend longer felting; use less soap; add soap to make up for rinsing during hot/cold shock stage.

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