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Sun 11 Dec 11

Spinning with Merino

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Observations: still had to put a bit on long-staple wool on the drum carder first so that it would be easier to remove.  Required two times through the picker and two times through the drum carder, and was still slow and tiring to spin. Results were fine and lovely, though.

Spinning – Peach commercial dyed roving

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Observations: I would rather be able to make this color than buy commercial roving.  BFL/acid dye experiments will be forthcoming.

Thu 08 Dec 11

Canvas in progress

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Ground complete; image developed and transferred; color blocking complete, beginning to add highlights, low lights, shadows:


Spinning BFL for dying

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bfl-spun-about-3-ounces.jpgSupposedly Blue Faced Leicester takes dye well; I believe this may have been a lamb, though, as the staple is far shorter than I understand BFL is supposed to be; using a picker and realigning the drum on the drum carder made all the difference.



Spun, about 3 oz:

Spinning commercial roving – purchased already dyed

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Learnng About Merino

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Brown merino fleece after washing:


Blending merino and Opal (Border leiscester/Romney Mix) in the picker prior to carding:


Compare this to Opal alone out of the picker:


Left is pure Opal, middle is a sage purchased roving, right is 50/50 merino/Opal


Three balls of yarn prior to making hanks:  Pure Opal, 50/50 Opal/brown merino, and pure merino, left to right:


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