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Sat 11 Feb 12

Brights dyed for mittens

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BFL dyed in bright colors:


And the mittens in progress:


Dying – First attempts

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First try at dying wool with Jacquard acid dyes.

First, started with BFL/Romney Cross (yarns, with locks, for comparison):


Then Skeeter with some Fall colors:


And BFL with some brights:


Thu 15 Dec 11

Mordant – BFL

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Mordanting a pound of BFL with alum and cream of tartar in preparation for dying:


Sun 11 Dec 11

First try at color – Food Coloring on BFL

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Observations: got a reasonably dark purple, and now I can say I’ve tried food coloring, but I will be graduating to real dyes next, so I can get reproducible and predictable results.  Enamel pots and other tools arrived today.  Just remains to spin up the rest of the BFL.

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