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Sat 12 Nov 11

Knitting – Entrelac Scarf

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Got a few rows done on the entrelac scarf; about 2/3 done.


Close-Up of texture:



Variegated squares: 2-ply, Handspun commercially-dyed Polwarth Combed Top; 2/3 Brown Suri Alpaca (no crimp) 1/9 Jenny (Border Leicester/Romney Cross) 2/9 Merino (local sheep, name unknown).

Brown squares: 50% Lydia the alpaca (huacaya presumed due to crimp) 50% OpalĀ  Border Leicester/Romney

Observations: Combed top is not as much fun to spin as something I prepared; commercially dyed top colors appeared different at home out of the package ( too much mixing was required to make the colors tolerable); suri alpaca requires an inordinate amount of mixing effort to be able to card; prefer to card and spin huacaya alpaca because it has some crimp; entrelac was difficult to learn but is quick and pleasant once it was figured out; entrelac is a good way to calm down variegated yarn; variegated yarn is too busy for my tastes.

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